Montag, 5. Juli 2010

Character Mould Opening - July 17th

Time for more details, as the official opening gets closer. On 07.17. I'll host a session: skating, painting, BBQ, some free beer for friends and dope music. The timetable is attached (check the flyer), and I'm pretty stoked to be supported by some friends and brands:

Carhartt and Red Bull for supporting the DJ Lineup and sound system - on the decks of the Volvo Sugga will be DJ Buzz (Waxolutionists) and DJ Busy Fingaz (Wax Wreckaz).
Heineken sent some trays of beer … something to party after the session!
MTN cans sponsors some free spraypaint, so the lemming might get quite colorful!
Land Salzburg, Radstadt, Absolut Park and Harml helped out in setting up the project - thanks for the support!